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My guitars are played by Paul Gregory, John Mills, Javier Garcia and the late Amy Winehouse amongst many others.

I was born in Malaga, southern Spain where I was very influenced by Andalucían guitar makers which has meant that my guitars have a very strong Spanish character.

As a maker I have been building classical and flamenco guitars for the last 20 years in a very traditional way inspired by the instruments made by Antonio Torres and Hermann Hauser. I use mainly hand tools and timbers that have been seasoned well in my workshop.

I have been teaching people the art of guitar making for the past 12 years and in that time I have been able to develop a method of teaching that helps the student to easily engage in the different stages of the guitar making process.  The result is a great experience and sense of achievement as the student is building his or her very own classical or flamenco guitar to a very high standard.

It is important for me that the students enjoy the process of making a guitar in a relaxed atmosphere and at the same time are assured that all their questions will be answered.  I am always at hand at every stage of the making process ensuring that the completed guitars are of a very high standard, the same as the guitars that I would build for my own clients.



Torres FE18 Replica

With this replica I tried to capture the spirit and essence of the original Torres FE 18, which is a truly remarkable instrument.

I have always been interested in the work of Antonio de Torres who is considered the father of the modern guitar as we know it today. His instruments have a particular warmth and personality that has captivated players throughout the generations.

I am very fortunate to know the owner of the original FE 18 and he graciously allowed me to study his guitar to build this replica. I was able to examine every detail of the guitar allowing me to make templates, take photographs and dimensions to enable me to make my own FE 18.

This guitar is made using German spruce for the soundboard and flame maple for the back and sides, which is in keeping with the original.

The tuners were specially designed and made by Nicolo Alessi in Italy as they were different in dimensions to the modern tuners available.

If you would like to commission one of these replicas please contact me.







I make guitars in a very traditional way, most of the classical guitars are built following the designs of Torres, with 5 or 7 fan struts and lightly built structures to create a responsive instrument while retaining its strength.

The results is a guitar that is easy to play with a warm character and a well balanced tone. I mainly build classical guitars with spruce or cedar tops, equally beautiful but with their own unique characteristics. Special care is taken to select timbers, which are kept for a number of years till they are seasoned to their maximum potential.

The flamenco guitars are built in a similar way to the classical guitar, but with subtle differences in the making process they become instruments of a very different nature. The flamenco guitars that I have been making are renowned for their responsiveness and rich tone. Spruce and cypress is normally used for the construction of the flamenco guitar, however cedar and rosewood are also very suitable timbers which have produced brilliant flamencos. The flamenco guitars are fitted with tuning machines or you may prefer traditional wooden tuning pegs which I make with special attention being paid to ensure that they fit onto the head in just the right way.

For the past 12 years I have been running guitar making courses enabling students to build their own guitars to their specifications. Currently I am running courses in England and in Spain for people that would like to make their own guitars. The students I have taught have completed their guitars to a very high standard beyond their own expectations in a relaxed and productive environment.




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